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Why Africa Travel Bureau is the best choice?Africa Travel Bureau offers an authentic Tanzania and Zanzibar safari experience that…

Why Africa Travel Bureau is the best choice?

Africa Travel Bureau offers an authentic Tanzania and Zanzibar safari experience that positively impacts Africa’s crucial wilderness areas. Enjoy a wide range of unique, high-quality safari options where you’ll encounter the Serengeti, the Great Migration, the Ngorongoro Crater or one of our many other iconic experiences. Our team welcomes you with warm hospitality and brings you an immersive, genuine and remarkable safari experience you’ll never forget…

In addition to providing a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience, Africa Travel Bureau is also committed to promoting conservation efforts in Tanzania. We believe sustainable tourism practices can be a powerful tool for conservation, and we work closely with local organisations to help protect wildlife and their habitats. Whether you’re a seasoned safari traveller or a first-time visitor to Tanzania, Africa Travel Bureau has the expertise, knowledge, and passion to create an unforgettable experience you’ll cherish for years. Join us on a journey of discovery and adventure, and let us introduce you to the magic of this remarkable part of the world…

Who we are

Africa Travel Bureau was established by Solomon Joseph Daudi in 1985 and started full operations 1992 as a family business, and like most small businesses had a fine reputation for personalised service. Today, 20 years later, Africa Travel Bureau has continued to strive as one among the trust worth tour operators in Tanzania, receiving visitors every year but our motivation is exactly the same to treat all visitors as our personal guests. We have invested substantially to maintain the efficiency and the personalised service that has been our foundation and is now the Africa Travel Bureau tradition and trademark. We focused our attention on training and upgrading the personnel, frequent evaluate our services and what we sell, increasing the quantity and quality of our vehicles, and installing the necessary equipment for smooth communication.
Africa Travel Bureau is a fully accredited and licensed tour operator, with license category A. We are also affiliated with TATO (Tanzania Association of Tour Operators), the leading industry association in Tanzania. The world of travel being vibrant and dynamic, we remain abreast with current travel industry trends to ensure a responsive approach at all times.
Everything in the Africa Travel Bureau organization is designed, not only to maintain the high standards of operating efficiency and customer care, but also to build upon our achievements in our efforts to be the best Destination Management Company in Tanzania. Since its inception, the company has catered to over a thousand clients from Germany (Most clients), Norway, Netherland, Sweden & North America. With its years of experience, ATB Limited has established its brand for being a reputable player in organizing African Safaris from budget to luxury, as well as tailor-made itineraries among others.

Why Us

Fully Registered travel agency

Tourism License No:00688 (License to carry on the business of Tourism Operators Class “A”)
Active Membership of Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) and Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB)

Safaris of Distinction:
Over 30 years of experience in planning safari holidays.
Every detail matters to us: Everything matters to us – big or small – to guarantee a flawless service.
Best rates and instant availability: Is the hallmark of our services and out pledge to our clients.
We offer a wide range of services: Africa Travel Bureau has a wide selection of services, created through extensive research and designed to suit different budgets and style. We regularly inspect the accommodations we offer our clients in the different locations to ensure consistency and quality.

Professional guides and custom made vehicles:
Africa Travel Bureau has highly professional guides and maintain a fleet of new vehicles customized for maximum comfort and safety while on safari. Having permanently employed guides and full ownership of fleet gives us full control over quality, service and price.
Responsible Tourism: Africa Travel Bureau adheres to the principles of responsible tourism by ensuring preservation of the environment through strict adherence to rules and regulations laid down to protect the national parks and reserves. We also give back to our local communities, delivered through sustainable practices.

We are there from the start to finish:
From the moment you first contact us to plan your safari holiday, until your return back home, we are there for our clients, providing full support, and free of any charge. Prompt e-mail responses; accurate information to ensure the most appropriate travel arrangements and best possible value to our clients. Our team is trained and experienced to provide a friendly service with the goal of customer satisfaction. That a significant number of our clients are repeat as well as from word of mouth recommendation – is true testimony of our unparalleled customer care approach.

Genuine Value for Money:
Is a prominent USP (unique selling point) that we pride ourselves in. We don’t simply sell you a holiday – we also ensure you receive the best possible value by using our expertise and experience in helping you plan your safari holiday in the most price efficient manner.

We are Transparent, Accountable and Responsible:
At Africa Travel Bureau, what you see is what you get, and sometimes more. There are no hidden costs after the purchase of the tour. Typically our prices include, but not limited to, all airport transfers; ground transportation costs; all accommodations; most meals; park entry fees; refreshments in the vehicle while on safari; driver/guide fees; all local flights, wherever applicable; and medical emergency evacuation insurance. On booking a safari holiday with Africa Travel Bureau, we guarantee your peace of mind and maximum enjoyment.

Our Promise

We believe that East Africa offers the most extraordinary array and concentration of wildlife in Africa; it also has some of the world’s warmest and friendliest people. We also believe that when done properly tourism has a positive impact on the wildlife, the environment and the people. We further do believe that the co-founder, the late Solomon Joseph Daudi focused to ensure the company strives to provide quality services, with honesty and high integrity for this case, ATB promises to:

“Treat the Tanzanian wildlife and environment with care and respect”.

“Support local development and encourage the use of resources and activities that support the local economy”.

“Provide honest advice, fair prices and quality services to all our customers”.

Social Mission

Founded in 2009, Nyota star is a community project that strives to give basic care and love to all in need, particularly orphaned children, widows and the poor in the communities. The project assist in providing quality education, water, clothing, food and shelter. Nyota Star has been working to ensure Tanzanian children and youth in the kivisin valley near Mount Kilimanjaro region, have access to a quality education by providing student sponsorship, school support, but also provide water and clothing to the community. (http://www.nyotastar.org/#home)

Our team

Our policy is to employ those with the potential to be the best, in terms of performance and discipline. The driver-guides are all handpicked, and are continually under training in clients’ safety, nature interpretation, general knowledge, and foreign languages, including English, French, and German, Africa Travel Bureau is constantly investing in human resource and product development, for we know it is in our interest as well as our duty to ensure that all our guests go back home happy and satisfied with our arrangements. Only this way would they be our good ambassadors to others and come back to us again. Normally short courses are conducted during the low season months of March, April and May to develop extra knowledge to our guides.

Joseph Solomon Daudi: Managing Director With a Bachelor degree in Information Management, Master Degree of Business Administration in Information Technology, and Post-Diploma in wildlife management, the combination of the skills and the experience in the industry provide the MD with a vast experience of managing a tourism agency. A good management approach toward office operations and managing personnel makes the company to excel in its operations.
Paul Solomon Msangi: Director of finance and operations Having graduate with a Bachelor degree in Accountancy and also being a graduate as a Certified Public Accountant in Tanzania (CPA), Paul carefully plans all the steps necessary for the company growth, in terms of managing the finance and focusing the best practice toward making sure the company is always on the top notch in providing quality services.
The director is mission is to ensure that the guest is happy with our services and not inconvenienced in any way. The emphasis is on personalised service, starting right from the point of entry. The guest has to be received with a meet & greet board, followed by briefing and reconfirmation of the return or onward journey.
Carol Mshanga:Product Manager Working as team, the product manager collaborate with the CEO, DFPM, Agents, guides, and our suppliers to produce best itineraries which provides unforgettable experience to our clients. Michael is one of secret spell towards success of the Africa Travel Bureau business. He often visit places and accommodation we sell in order to frequently evaluate them and see if they still meet the required standards to be included in our itineraries.


Rose Mziray, Neema, Emmanuel and Hamza:Reservation team

 As a travel business, preparing itineraries, making reservations, and answering of queries, ensuring guest have arrived safely, picked from the airport, as well as make arrangements for their departure, all of these are activities which need to be carefully handled. The reservation and guest relation unit are very kin to ensure our customers are satisfied and receive the services the booked for. On safari, we are constantly in touch with the driver-guide or the hotel/lodge the guest is staying in, just to make sure all is in order. After the tour, the guest is met again by the operations, debriefed and seen off.

Our Guides

First class safari Guides are vital to the success of any tour. Africa Travel Bureau takes great care in selecting responsible people who are capable of providing a cheerful, caring and attentive service to the client. Our English-speaking driver/guides are true professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of routes, conditions, local attractions and practical mechanics. Their ability as game spotters is phenomenal and they are well versed in the identification of the animals and birds of Tanzania and Kenya.                                                                                       

Godwin Elibariki Natai
Head Driver
Godwin is one of our most conservation-driven guide born in Arusha, leading tourist in northern and southern national parks in Tanzania. His tribe is Chaga, the third largest tribe in Tanzania, with its origin from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Chaga lands are beautiful from it nature of Mount Kilimanjaro, the beautiful scenery of waterfalls, culture, banana and coffee farms which contribute to cultural tourism. Godwin is fluent in speaking English, Swahili and as well as his tribal language “chaga”.
Godwin believe that driving and knowing the names and characters of animals are not the only fundamental parts of tour guiding, learning others culture are also the building blocks of critical thinking in guiding and beyond. Godwin has been a nominated Guide for two consecutive years. Godwin holds a Certificate in wildlife and Tourism from the Mount Meru Tour Guide College in 2001, and has become an active certified Tourist Guide for 20 years. During his career as a tour guide, Godwin has also worked Hofland Expedition and Friendship adventure before joining the Africa Travel Bureau team. Godwin Favourite Park is the Serengeti National Park in the Northern circuit. His passion for Serengeti is associated with the natural wealth the park has. According to him, every day in Serengeti is a special day for adventure. The park offers excellent safari experiences all year round. So no matter when you go, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have an awesome, awesome adventure including the great wildebeest migration. Each month has something special to offer. But also each section of the park also has its own unique attractions. But also Godwin loves Serengeti due to its climatic condition. Serengeti National Park has a subtropical climate. This means it has warm, wet seasons, as well as drier, cooler seasons. And as Tanzania is so close to the Equator, you have around eight hours of sunlight every day no matter what the season. This means you can enjoy a fantastic Tanzania safari at any time of the year. But also due to the fact that the park covers 14750 square kilometres, Godwin loves par because it’s a peaceful park, and one can do game drive either in the central, western, northern or southern Serengeti and sport the big five animals without being crowded at one point as other parks.

Godwin has a passion with elephants than any other animals. What he like about elephants is that elephant’s leaders are female, they tend to demonstrate leadership through wisdom, strength and extraordinary skills in problem solving. In addition Elephants are extremely intelligent and have been known to have outstanding long-term memory. Putting these facts into perspectives, the key to success depends on leadership through wisdom, strength, memory and extraordinary skills in problem solving.

In addition to guiding the tourist for the Africa Travel Bureau, Godwin runs an after work program where he works in Farm. His passion as a farmer comes from a life-long obsession with business. From a young age he has always leaved in rural areas and work in farms. He finds that working in farms with his wife and children connects him with natural world.

Godwin social passion include loving his wife and a 12 year old sun, playing football, and swimming, reading, traveling, music, as well as spending time with friends and family, but also upgrading his guiding. In every low season, there a special programmes where he attends to upgrade his skills in guiding carrier.


Richard Lazaro Mwakanyamale
Driver Guide
Richard has a love with nature, born in the highlands of Mbeya, southern Tanzania region, he grew up Mbeya and went through formal education unit 2002. His formal tribe is Nyakyusa, among biggest tribe well known to be charming people, respectively and have love to agricultural farming. Richard is fluent in speaking German, English, Swahili and as well as his tribal language “Nyakyusa”.
Richard’s way towards professional driver guide, started with a passion of repairing Safari vehicles as a car mechanic assistant in the early 2005 whereby he worked for several tour companies in Arusha including Africa Travel Bureau. As a part of carrier development Richard went for further education in Tourism in 2010 and obtained Ordinary Tour guide certificate and as well as attend Mountain institute of tourism and international languages whereby he upgrading his touring guiding speaks as well as mastering German Language. In 2014 started his carrier in tourism as German language translator for Africa Travel Bureau and Twiga safari. After obtained experience for4 years, he was officially upgraded and recruited as a Driver guide.
Today Richard is our core German speaking guide for groups and private tours with experience guiding tours in Tanzania. His expertise are wildlife and he believes that game drives entails one to be open-minded about what you are going to see. His favourite national park is the Serengeti as he loves the thrill of tracking the wildebeest migration with his guests.
Richard Favourite Park is the Serengeti National Park in the Northern circuit. His passion for Serengeti lays between the facts that, Serengeti is a wildlife viewing destination, in such that while in Serengeti, you will definitely be able to sport variety of wildlife species including the big five, but also seeing the open endless savannah plains, acacia woodlands and kopjes which make up the beautiful landscape worlds now destination. However also it’s the only place you can easy witness the wildebeest migration which is the biggest migration and natural wonder in the world. The park offers excellent safari experiences all year round.

Richard has a passion for lions. Lions are the rulers of the jungle due to their symbolic nature of strength, courage and fierceness. It is so that Richards believes through putting strength and courage towards attaining an objectives are the most important factors toward success in life. As the King of the Nature, you will always experience his action while on the road safari and Richard process you that will see an adventure of a life time.

Apart for the carrier passion Richard is social and a passionate person, spending most of his time with his family, watching football, cycling, swimming, reading, traveling, music, as well as spending time with friends and family, but also sparing time to continue upgrading his guiding skills.

Mohamed Awadhi Gichero
Driver Guide
Mohamed is the youngest in our team, born in the early 19902 at Lake Eyasi, and grew up at Man’gola village located at Karatu District (Arusha Region). His tribe is Dagota who are famous of Pastoralist activities and are connected with culture Tourism. As a connection since his early childhood, he always so tourist visiting Lake Eyasi, and his passion as a guide grew after learning on what his elders were doing. Connecting his background, it can be said Mohamed knows in-depth about Eyasi.
Mohamed started his professional carrier after completing his formal education and when through Mweka wildlife college to expand knowledge in wildlife as well as cultural Tourism. He further studied language course in English and German Language. Today Mohamed is fluent in English, German as well as Kiswahili and his tribal language (Dagota and Hadza)
Mohamed favourite’s part of work is hosting guest during visiting his tribe (Hadza & Datoga) and telling them the uniqueness and life style of this local people. His passionate in Tourism industry because Tourism activities touch directly the local Tribe hence it brings positive effects to his Societies. His favourite’s national park is Serengeti National Park because it’s a wide wild wonder of the Earth. Also, my favourite’s animal is Cheetah because it’s a fastest land mammal in the Jungle.
Mohamed As a Guide apart working with Africa Travel Bureau he has been working before with different Tour Companies for almost 7 years including Abercrombie & Kent and Asilia Africa as a guide and language Translators.

Shaffi Tarimo
Driver Guide
Shaffi career in guiding began in the late 1990’s and he joined our team in 2005. Born in Kilimanjaro, Shaffi is regarded as road masters when it comes to dusty and muddy roads. He is fluent in English, Kiswahili as well as his tribal language “Chaga”
Shaffi has a vast expiring in guiding groups and private tours. He has a magical power of turning strangers into friends within a minute on a group safari. To him the secret for great group dynamic lies in finding out about everyone’s personal expectation and wishes on what to experience on safari a then making sure that everyone in the safari has the safari that he/she dreamed of. Shaffi enjoys long conversations while on the road on the dinner table, learning about different cultures and lifestyles and sharing his love for his country Tanzania.
Shaffi favourite animal is the Rhino, they he also ensures his clients to sport the rare species, however also along the way he ensures that all other animals are sported at the right angle for his clients to a closer picture for a memorable safari.
After working with us for over 15 years, Shafii currently is retire from ATB and is working for the company on contract bases. Apart working with Africa Travel Bureau, Shaffis knowledge and skills is also utilized in other tour companies.
Shaffi has a passion for Football, he like to watch and play, but also, he likes cycling, hiking as well as jogging apart from other social hobbies such as traveling, music as well as enjoying time with family and friends

Fred Kaijage
Driver Guide
Fred was born in Bukoba, Lake Victoria zone, Tanzania and grew up immersed in nature, enjoying the abundance of wildlife diversity of his country. Before joined Africa Travel Bureau, Fred has worked for several reputable companies including ‘TAWISA’ as a French guide with over 15 years of experience.
Fred as a Safari Guide and Nature Lover, his always happier when he is in nature. Having completed his wildlife studies and language studies in French, he knows that once can learn a lot from reading books, but nature will teach something new every day. Fred has a positive attitude and good sense of humor and has exhibited great aptitude as he is a hard worker, knowledgeable and has a great customer care. Fred has been privileged to witness some incredible and unusual wildlife wonders. As a result, Fred can be found regaling guests with these amazing stories or out searching for his favourite animal, the caracal.
Fred passion with caracal is because of its one of the top five rare animals to spot due to the fact that they are solitary, shy and so difficult to find that it becomes a real challenge, so when you do spot one, it’s like seeing a diamond. They’re also very athletic and good at hunting. They can jump up to 4 metres in the air to grab prey like birds and it’s incredible to watch.


Our Team

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