13 Reasons Why Tanzania is the Top Safari Destination in Africa

Are you constantly adding things to your bucket list? You probably have tons of once-in-a-lifetime trips that you’re dying to take. It can be hard to decide where to go next when there’s such a variety of bucket-list adventures, from sipping fancy French wine under the Eiffel Tower to roughing it on an African safari.

If you’re looking for a trip full of animals and adventures, there’s nothing better than an African safari. You’ll get the opportunity to see rhinos, lions, and wildebeest and learn all about the Serengeti. But, no two countries are the same.

So, what is the top safari destination in Africa? While each country offers a unique experience, Tanzania is considered the best of the best.

Do you want to know why? Keep reading to discover 13 things that set Tanzania apart.

1. It Has Large Game Preserves and Parks

When you picture your African safari, do you imagine looking out at the seemingly endless plains? One of the best parts of traveling to Tanzania for safari is that they boast some of the largest game preserves and national parks.

This is where your safaris will take place, so the more land you have to explore, the more exciting and real this trip will feel. Each one has its own draw, so you can partake in several safaris in different parks and preserves and always feel like you’re getting something different. Plus, three of them are UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

2. There are More Lions

What animal are you most looking forward to seeing on your safari? Is it lions? If so, you’re in luck! One of the reasons Tanzania is the top safari destination in Africa is because of its high lion population.

In other countries, you may be lucky to see a handful of loins during your trip. You’ll be even luckier if your view isn’t obstructed by a dozen other safari groups fighting to get a good picture said lion. That’s something you won’t have to worry about in Tanzania.

Lions in the Serengeti National Park

The latest estimates show that there are over 16,800 lions spread across Tanzania. This means Tanzania has the largest lion population in the world!

3. You’ll See More Animals

Lions aren’t the only animals that have populated this country.

Tanzania has the largest concentration of animals per square kilometer. If you’re hoping to get a chance to see all kinds of animals without feeling claustrophobic with all the tour group surrounding you, Tanzania is the place to go.

4. It’s Very Diverse

While everyone has their favorite animals they want to see, the beauty of an African safari is seeing a variety of animals. While many countries will give you the opportunity to see animals like elephants, giraffes, and lions, Tanzania has something that makes it special.

It is home to the largest diversity of animals in the entire continent. In addition to seeing higher numbers of your favorite animals, you’ll also get to see some animals you wouldn’t get to see anywhere else.

5. You Can Witness the Great Migration

If seeing animals graze and prowl on the Serengeti sounds like the dream, just wait. Holiday packages in Tanzania will give you the opportunity to see the Great Wildebeest Migration. This natural event happens every year between November and March when over a million wildebeest, along with other herbivores like zebras and antelope, travel across the Serengeti looking for food and water.

Serengeti Migration

The best time to visit is January through March. This is when about half a million wildebeest are born, giving you a higher possibility of witnessing a wildebeest birth. But, be aware, many carnivores stalk the great migration around this time, looking for young to snatch.

6. You Can Go Chimp Tracking

Are you looking for a way to spend your entire day among the chimps? You won’t find them hanging around the plains with the giraffes and rhinos.

If you’re fascinated by how chimps live, eat, and socialize, then you’ll want to sign up for a chimp tracking safari. Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania is the best place to go. You’ll get to watch chimpanzees swing from trees and care for their young.

7. It’s All Natural

What made you decide to go on a safari? Was it the chance to see animals in their natural habit rather than behind glass enclosures at the zoo?

Going to Tanzania for safari tours ensures that you’ll only see animals in the wild where they belong – not behind fences or barriers. You’ll get to learn more about the animals you love by watching how they react to other animals in their herd, predators, and other forces in nature – something you would never see in a zoo.

8. There Are Tons of Options

Are you a fan of roughing it in a tent or would you rather have access to luxury accommodation? In Tanzania, you can find both! No two travelers are alike, so Tanzania has made strides to offer a ton of options to fit everyone’s needs.

The safaris vary in length from a few hours to a few days. You can find walking safaris or van safaris, and safaris with all different itineraries. The accommodations can range from budget camping to luxury hotels to suit everyone’s preferences.

9. You Can Visit the Local People

While safaris are great (seriously, you can’t visit Tanzania without going on at least one), there are other things available to give your trip more variety. If you like vacations filled with the best cultural activities, a trip to visit the Maasai people should be on your itinerary. You’ll get the opportunity to see what life is like for a nomadic African tribe. You’ll learn about their customs, dress, and way of life.

10. You’ll get a Chance to Hike Mount Kilimanjaro

Are you a health nut? If you enjoy hiking or mountain climbing, you can’t miss the chance to hike Mount Kilimanjaro. It’s the highest mountain in Africa, standing 5,895 meters high. Not only will you get the most breathtaking view, but you’ll get a break from the intense African heat as you climb higher and higher.

En-route to the Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

Hiking Mount Kilimanjaro is no simple task. It’s a multi-day hike, so be prepared to dedicate a good portion of your vacation to it. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still go on a safari. There are safari and mount Kilimanjaro tours that let you do both!

11. You Can Enjoy a Tropical Paradise

Are you torn between a tropical vacation and an adventurous one? Well, you don’t have to pick just one. The best part about going to Tanzania is that you can explore the Serengeti and Zanzibar, giving you the best of both worlds.

Zanzibar is a tropical island located off the coast of Tanzania. You can enjoy snorkeling or diving in the clear water amongst turtles, colorful fish, and rays. Of course, other water sports, like sailing and windsurfing are also available. You can also take a tour to learn about the island’s culture and history. It’s the best way to relax for a bit after a thrilling few days in the Serengeti.

12. It’s Accessible

Have you ever boarded your plane, stoked to get a jump start on your trip, just to discover that you need to take a plane, 2 busses, a taxi, and walk a mile to your destination? Accessibility is something that is sometimes taken for granted in the developed world, but not all of Africa is easy to access.

What makes Tanzania the top safari destination in Africa is that it is easy to arrive. There are multiple airports, airlines, and flights to choose from. Once you land, it’s usually easy to make your way from the airport to your hotel. You can waste less time on transportation and spend more time where you want to – on your safari!

13. It’s Safe

Safety concerns are also sometimes overlooked by tourists looking for an exotic destination vacation. But you won’t have to worry when you come to Tanzania. Safety is a top concern. Crime is low, there is no political unrest, and tour operators follow safety protocols to ensure no person or animal is harmed during safaris. You can leave your concerns at the door and enjoy a safe vacation.